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Grigori Mints

Grigori Mints, a foreign member of Estonian Academy of Sciences, Stanford University professor, passed away May 29, 2014.

Grigori was tightly connected to Estonian Science sinse 1980 when he got a position at Tallinn Insitute of Cibernetics
where he worked till he got a professorship at Stanford University in 1991. His connection to Estonian Computer Science
is described in the publication "Grigori Mints and Computer Science"
Among his students were Academy fellow Tarmo Uustalu, professor Tanel Tammet and many other estonian scientists.
He would become 75 at June 7th. The prestigious volume "Essays in Honour of Grigori Mints. Proofs, Categories and
Computations" was published
five years ago for his 70 jubilee.

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